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Sleep Thieves

By: Wendy Jacob - Updated: 25 Sep 2012 | comments*Discuss
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So who stole my sleep? Many people find it difficult to pinpoint exactly when they started to find it difficult to sleep. Sometimes it seems to just creep up on you. What starts as an occasional night of sleeplessness becomes, months or even years of poor quality sleep.

Sleep is not a luxury that you can live without. You need your sleep if you want to be physically and mentally at your best. Lack of sleep will not only affect your health, it will also affect your relationships, your safety and your ability to function well during the day. It is important to find out what has stolen your sleep.

Launching a full scale investigation starts during the day. How you live and what is happening in your life will affect the way you sleep. To improve your sleep you need to be honest about how important sleep is to your life. Take a look at the following, and see if any of these could be factors in your sleep problems.

The Past

Start by tracing back the problem