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Help Sleeping in Hot Weather Conditions

By: Jack Claridge - Updated: 19 Aug 2012 | comments*Discuss
Help Sleeping In Hot Weather Conditions

For those of us who cannot sleep the problem is bad enough but add to it the problem of hot nights during the summer months and sleeping can become even more difficult for insomniacs.

Even for the person who finds it quite easy to fall asleep the hot summer nights are often a burden on them and can leave them feeling drained and weak in the morning when they get up. But there are things you can do – here are some examples.

Use a Fan

Many people think that a fan will simply circulate warm air that is already in your bedroom. There is an element of truth to this but simply because the fan is placed too high up. Increase the amount of cooler air circulated in your bedroom by opening a window and placing the fan at floor level. Cold air falls to the floor whilst hot air rises to the ceiling so you are more likely to circulate cooler air this way.

Ice Melting

When ice melts it gives off a vapour, and what better way to reduce the temperature of your bedroom than by melting some ice in some cold water. As the vapours from the ice rise into the air they will cool the air above them and this can be circulated by placing a fan near to the receptacle in which you are melting the ice.

Cold Compresses

A wet flannel or towel heavy soaked and then wrung through can provide you with a sufficient enough amounts of coolness to enable you to fall asleep and at the very least relax. Cold compresses should not be placed in freezers and applied straight to the skin instead they should be soaked in cold water, left for a few moments and then wrung out before applying to the skin. They also work remarkably well if placed on the feet.

Keeping Your Feet Cool

One way of reducing the overall temperature of your body during such hot periods is to ensure your feet are kept cool. As heat rises (it does the same in the human body as it does in the air) it escapes from the top of the head and through the skin in the form of sweat. If you douse your feet in cold water or apply cold compresses this will help keep your body cool all over.

Cold Baths and Showers

When on holiday in foreign climbs where the weather is always warm it is often difficult to find ways in which to cool down. One tried and tested method is to have a cold shower or bath and then lie on top of the bed on a towel. You can do this at home as well; cold baths and showers – in particular cold baths – help drop the body’s overall temperature and can keep it low for a considerable period of time without making the individual feel uncomfortable.

Water Sprays

There are a variety of coolant sprays available on the market today which provide temporary relief from the heat when sprayed onto the face. These sprays release a thin spray of a non toxic liquid ice which gives the illusion of the cold for a short time. However you can make your own without having to spend the money on these coolants which can – and often do – cost a considerable amount of money.

Using an old spray bottle – having once made sure it has been properly rinsed clean of any of its previous contents – you can fill it with cold water or ice water and keep it by your bed in a tub of ice. This can be sprayed onto the face and skin of the body at any time of the night and provide the same effect as the rather more elaborate coolants available on the market.

Again it is worth emphasising that you should only use spray bottles for this purpose once you are confident they have been rinsed clean of their previous contents. In some instances a combination of some of the above mentioned ideas may be necessary but there should be one that works best for you.

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